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caledonius's Journal

7 August
Name: Calleo Bricriu.
Etymology- Calleo: Latin. Knowing.
Bricriu: A mythological name; means "the poison tongued."

House: Ravenclaw

Birthdate: 07, August, 1959.

Wand: 12 1/2", blackthorn, unicorn hair.

Bloodline (Half, Pure, Muggle): As pure as any Pureblood line, which is to say they cross out those things that "aren't pure" and tend to be terribly inbred. The boy's family tree has about two branches. Ouch.

Heritage (French, Scottish, Irish, etc): Scottish.

Strengths (Personality-wise, physically, and magic-wise):
Calleo is very friendly and laid back toward pretty much everyone, even if they don't return the favour.
To those he considers actual friends, he can be loyal to a fault and overlook any and all flaws.
Not much really gets him down, angers him, upsets him or frazzles him; most of it just rolls like water off of a duck.
He is very willing to help out other students with school work or anything else without expecting much of anything in return; being a bit of a social butterfly, he doesn't limit himself to contact only within his house and branches out as much as possible.
Calleo's magical strengths fall threefold in Transfiguration, Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts. He is reasonably skilled in most subjects, at least where the theory side is concerned.

Physically, he's fairly average. He's not really physically strong, but it's not as though a good wind will knock him over. Calleo considers himself perfect height to hug tall girls.

Weaknesses: Obsessively 'clean', can lack common sense at terribly inopportune times, alcohol (when he can get it), if it's around and it's outside of class time, chances are he'll be a little tipsy. Alcohol only seems to further degrade his already lacking common sense and can, occasionally, cause him to say or do very embarrassing or stupid things. He tends to do that without the help of alcohol anyway; alcohol just makes it worse. When he drinks, he also smokes if that route happens to be available.

The Dark Arts; only Transfiguration captivates his interest at a higher level. As a student, he keeps that to himself and simply appears to be very interested in the Defence class.

Though I'm not sure it's a proper vice, he can be too easy going and 'forgiving' at times, which opens the possibility that some people may view him as a doormat and using him as such. He tends to put up with being used rather than cause a scene or a confrontation by bringing it up.
This also can lead to him being talked into doing things he might not otherwise wish to go along with.

Calleo does have a low tolerance for Muggle things (fashion, music, literature, culture, etc...) due to his upbringing and his own personal views on the subject as a whole. Those times when common sense fails to show up for work on time, that tends to show up outwardly.

Physical Description:
For a male, Calleo is rather short (172cm with shoes); this is something with which he takes no issue. He has a rather average build, nothing spectacularly muscular or thin. Calleo likes to think that he’s rather graceful, and to an extent he is; however, when he gets overly excited about something he can be rather clumsy. His mum gave him the nickname “Irish Setter”, despite the fact that they are Scottish, due to the colour of his hair. Irish Setters, for those reading who may be unaware, have a deep mahogany coat.
Calleo’s eyes are hazel, leaning toward the yellow/green end of that spectrum. In school, Calleo is fastidious about his appearance; he’s always certain to have his school robes and clothes wrinkle and dirt free, and is always clean shaven and well groomed.
On weekends and holidays he’s a bit more laid back about such things.

But, not by much.

Outside of a formal school setting, Calleo’s dress is typical of Wizarding society: Robes. Calleo does wear clothing under his robes, and it generally consists of black or grey trousers and a neutral coloured shirt. One would not notice this around school much, as Calleo tends to wear his robes and keep them closed. He frequently, almost obsessively, straightens and re-straightens his tie or, if there is no tie, his collar, sleeves, or robes in general.
He speaks with a rather thick Scottish accent, and speaks quickly.

Broom: Comet 260, though he only tends to play recreationally, and is generally that guy that gets put in only out of pity.